September 4, 2016

Regular weeklies in our Gaming Room:
Fridays: Street Fighter V & Ultra Street Fighter IV
Capcom’s newest fighter is out and play it just like it was originally meant to be on our arcade replicate cabinets! 4 pairs running every Thursday, 2 head to head setups and 2 side to side setups!  Due to popularity, our cabinets now have Ultra Street Fighter IV!

Bi-Weekly Gundam VS Extreme Full Boost Saturdays: Team: aBc brings in their setups from 2pm – 7pm open for everyone to play some 2 vs 2 action in the Arcade Smash, Gundam VS Extreme Full Boost!
All other days: We will always have 2 Nintendo Wii U Stations ready to go along with 4 Overwatch Stations and 2 pairs of linked cabinets for fighters! Saturdays & Sundays, there will be 2 extra Overwatch Stations for a complete 6 man team!

Screening Room:
Our screening room is versatile equipped with a Home Theatre Surround Sound System, 110″ projector and various consoles for the following activities:
Anime Screening
Multiplayer Games on the Wii U, Playstation 4 (Overcooked, HELLDIVERS and etc.) and group let’s play (Fright Nights)
PSVR: PlayStation Virtual Reality

Manga Cafe:
Our manga cafe is comfy and roomy, aside from our projector for anime, relaxing with manga or table top gaming, we are always interested in hosting a night for various groups! 3DS groups such as Monster Hunter & Pokemon are welcome anytime!

Monthly Cosplay Days:
Keep updated with us because every month we host a Cosplay Day including back drops, drinks, snacks and desserts!