September 4, 2016


Our menu includes all hand-made specialty (non-alcoholic) beverages which ranges from warm delights to cool refreshers.

All our snacks come imported directly from Japan so all our Pocky and Kit Kats flavors always change according to seasonal specials in Japan.
We serve Cup Ramen exclusively found only at our Café and all our desserts at specialty made with raving review in taste and eye candy!

Hot Menu

House Blend Coffee
Our choice blend of coffee beans is served with fresh ground coffee blend in a French Press. Sure to give a kick following mild undertones perfect for enjoyment during any time of the day. Brew time is approximately 5 minutes, perfect time to choose your favourite Manga while your coffee brews to perfection!

Organic Green Tea
Three of the most popular teas from Japan, served in a personal sized French Press fitting of even the most avid of tea drinkers! 4 minutes is the magic number for brew time, enough to grab your favourite manga series and return with a ready cup of tea!

Hojicha: Low Caffeine level & mild flavours, resembles light black tea because the tea leaves are roasted over fire.
Sencha: The most popular green tea you’ll find. Sharp taste with a subtle sweet ending notes.
Genmaicha: “The People’s Tea”, mixed with rice & pop corn generating a unique green tea taste!

Latte & Cappuccino
Velvety smooth milk combined with two shots of our creamy espresso, topped off with shimmering foam. For those who enjoy a delicious amount of our bubbly foam over milk, a Cappuccino will hit the spot!

Flavoured Lattes
Prefer to have your latte sweet? Try our flavoured lattes!
Mocha / Vanilla / Caramel

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate the way it’s supposed to be made, decadent cocoa topped off with marshmallow whipped cream!

White Hot Chocolate
White chocolate version of the classic, topped with marshmallow whipped cream!

AKibA KiSSA Specialties

Matcha Tea Latte
Matcha green tea mixed with Sencha green tea in a harmony of steamed milk puts a twist on “Green Tea Latte”!

Hojicha Tea Latte
Need a lighter tasting tea latte? Hojicha leaves are roasted leaving a lighter taste resulting in a western style tea latte with a Japanese twist.

Kinako Latte
Looking for something caffine free? Roasted Soy Bean is the new caffeine free solution in Japan!

Our signature drink! Two shots of espresso with flavoured steamed milk. Milk foam stacked high so you can enjoy light airy flavoured foam before sipping on a nice warm coffee drink. Pick from our flavours or combine your own!

Chocolate Raspberry: Rich chocolate with a sweet and slightly tart accent
Green Tea Melody: Blend of matcha, sencha and a touch of vanilla
Strawberry Vanilla: Mellow strawberry with hints of vanilla
S’mores: An adult’s version of a campfire treat
Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolatey peanut goodness

Cold Menu

Iced Coffee (Shaken)
Our iced coffee follows the same process as our house blend hot coffee except that we add a touch of cream, sweetener and shake it over ice then served over a bit of ice topped off with whipped cream for maximum enjoyment!

Iced Latte (Shaken)
Variant of our hot latte but shaken over iced (sweetened), sure to cool off even the hottest of the days here at the café!

Coffee Frappe
Blended espresso goodness, available in Mocha, Vanilla or Caramel flavour!

Creamsicle Frappe
We blend favourite flavours into an icy treat topped with whip cream, reminiscent of our favourite childhood popsicles. Try some unique flavour recipes listed below or mix and match your own!

Super Saiyan Blue Raspberry: Raspberry, Blue Curacao and Lychee
Pina Colada: Coconut, Pineapple
Root Beer Float: Root Beer, Vanilla

Japanese Iced Tea
Pick one of our three cold brewed green teas. Our teas made in small batches daily to maximum freshness and preserve their delicate flavours! Teas, especially Japanese green teas, are very delicate to heat. Once they reach a certain temperature, the teas will taste bitter.

Step 1: Pick one of our organic teas
Sencha / Hojicha / Genmai
Step 2: Add flavours from current flavours list
Step 3: Add toppings
Tapioca / Flavoured Jellies

Hand Crafted Sodas
Custom made to order sodas with endless flavour combinations to quench your thirst!

Step 1: Pick a base
Regular / Cola / Root Beer / Lemonade
Step 2: Add flavours from current flavours list